Giving my son with autism a haircut

My son has autism and is good at getting his own hair ready before school, unless it gets too long. He is pretty cooperative with getting his hair cut if I do it. He gets a bit tired of it toward the end of the process and the trimming part can be sketchy.

I have not tried bringing him to an actual barber shop and have no need to test that so far. We are pretty self-sufficient at our house.

Here is the video of his latest haircut…

Giving my son with autism a haircut

Haircut for my son tomorrow

No, it’s not for me. My last haircut was many, many, many years ago. Tomorrow I cut my son’s hair. Many kids on the autism spectrum don’t like having the hair cut. My son is not a fan either but he puts up with it and seems to like the feeling after the ordeal is done. I hope to get some of the job on video for my Youtube channel.

My channel isn’t packed with videos that most would find terribly exciting, but with parents of kids on the spectrum it could be worth a chuckle or 2.

Mark Ferdinand YouTube Channel

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