Son with autism and I back out on the kayak

It’s spring. It’s warming up. It’s time for new adventures!

Spring has arrived and so has warmer weather. It was not warm enough to swim, but a great day for getting out on the water. We have a large kayak with an electric motor that gets us around the local waters nicely. I can be out for hours with this setup, but with my son along I play it a bit safer to not risk running out the battery.

As usual I promote my book, “Fortune on the Spectrum”. It’s an adventure novel with the main character on the autism spectrum. If you can put up with my nonsense, thank you for watching…

Novels with South Texas themes

Fortune on the Spectrum is a novel set in South Texas. Although South Texas terrain and weather play a key role, much of the story could take place in other parts of the country.  Of course a main twist of the novel involves a natural disaster found only in warm coastal regions.

There is something unique to coastal South Texas, however, that gives the main character his sense of home and where he belongs. This does not involve the historical and social perspectives of what one would come to expect in novels with South Texas themes or any other regionally-themed story.  In fact, the main character could never be distracted by such things.

Fortune on the Spectrum

Novel with main character with autism

Fortune on the Spectrum is an adventure novel. It is an AUTISM adventure novel with the main character living on the autism spectrum. Denny’s challenges in relating with society stem from the same qualities that made him the youngest self-made millionaire in Texas history.

Novel who's main character has autism
Book cover for Fortune on the Spectrum

Fortune on the Spectrum is available in both paperback and Kindle format. A unique and captivating read with an unlikely hero.