Best Texas Authors

Author Mark Ferdinand, a resident of Corpus Christi, Texas has a son with autism that inspires him every day.  Mark’s experience enables him to bring a unique character to life in the world of fiction as the best Texas authors have achieved. With the increase of special needs characters as a trend in books, movies and television, Mark is able to approach the creation of such characters with a realism and respect not often seen in popular media.
Fortune on the Spectrum is a novel in which the main character has autism. Traits of his autism give him great focus on his obsession with day trading the stock market. He becomes the youngest self-made millionaire in Texas history.
Best Texas Authors
Texas author Mark Ferdinand


Mark published his new non-fiction work entitled You’re Gonna’ Get Bit!: Harrowing Tales of Herpetology.

Best Texas Authors

After completing his first novel, Mark decided to compile a group of stories that brought him to the unusual occupation of snake venom extraction. For those like the creepy crawly reptiles and amphibians, these are tales from amateur fun to professional pitfalls.
From chasing frogs as a child, to milking venomous snakes for a living, Mark Ferdinand explores a lifetime of tales from the world of reptiles and amphibians. Whether it’s a quest for his first turtle, keeping crocodiles in his closet, or chasing snakes around the workplace, You’re Gonna’ Get Bit! has a story that all “herpers” and nature lovers can relate to and enjoy.

Mark Ferdinand writes on topics considered unusual for a Texas author. He lives on the South Texas coast with his wife, daughter and son. Fishing the surf, hunting, gardening, tiki carving, auto and home repair occupy his spare time. He has written on the topic of autism spectrum disorder from a father’s perspective in parenting articles and in other non-fiction venues.

Fortune on the Spectrum and You’re Gonna’ Get Bit are available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Both are also available for Android and Apple devices.

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