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Wild Hog Books

Wild Hog Books


Mark Ferdinand has written a fantastic book on wild hog hunting. Wild hog books can be hard to find at the local book shop, or are tucked away in miscategorized sections . This book is available in paperback through Amazon, and digital formats are available for every platform.

Wild Boar: A Case for the Most Beautiful Game Animal

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Hunting wild hogs

This book is a profile of the hunting of wild hogs, from the ancient European traditions to the modern necessity to keep wild hog populations down in the USA. The author looks back fondly on his exposure to wild boar in Germany, then brings his passion to achieve his first wild boar kill on a California boar.

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Books About Hunting

It’s never a bad time of year to test your hunting equipment! While on vacation in Colorado, it was not hunting season, but at least I could do some glassing. Hunting wild hogs is great practice for hunting other big game such as mule deer, elk, moose, and bear.

Several books about wild hogs and hunting exist. Mark’s book, however, adds a touch of history, tradition, and whimsy. It makes for a great distraction when waiting for the next hunting season to arrive!

The consistent backdrop of each hunting scene was the greenery of the surrounding forest. Having visited the Black Forest of Bavaria before this day, I had experienced the darkness it was capable of. Unlike the forests of Colorado where I had grown up, these had a foreboding quality to them. They evoked not a sense of fear necessarily, but a feeling of awe, a cautionary respect for the potential for a young person to be swallowed up and lost in the darkness.

Mark Ferdinand is the author of “Fortune on the Spectrum”, “You’re Gonna’ Get Bit!” “Every Tiki has a Spirit”, and “The Autistic Prankster”.

Hunting Books

Mark Ferdinand has started 2019 with entering into the world of hunting books. Mark’s latest publication is “Wild Boar: A Case for the Most Beautiful Game Animal”

Hunting Books on Wild Boar

Pursued throughout time by kings and the common man, the wild boar has intrigued and beguiled hunters throughout the world. With so much sensational news of problem wild hog populations and unwanted interaction with humans, a need has arisen to remind us all of the nobility that surrounds this ancient and prized game animal. He is near the point of being reviled in some quarters. Author Mark Ferdinand pays tribute to the wild boar and makes the case for elevating its status to that of the most respected wild game species that hunters give chase to. A humble hunter makes the case for wild boar being the most beautiful game animal.

hunting books
Hunting books

Hunting Books

Mark first became fascinated with wild boar during childhood trips to Germany. Here he would visit with family but also learn about the rich history of hunting in the Black Forest and other parts of Bavaria. While visiting castles in the surrounding area he would marvel at the tapestries glorifying the hunt and tribute payed to the wild boar. An uncle showed him the deep traditions of hunting boar in the old country.

About Mark

Mark Ferdinand lives on the South Texas coast with his wife, daughter, and son. Fishing the surf, hunting, gardening, tiki carving, and DIY projects occupy his spare time. He has written on the topic of autism spectrum disorder, reptiles, mythology, and hunting.

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Beyond paperback Mark’s books can be purchased for Kindle, Android, and Apple devices.