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Best Books 2019

Best Books 2019

The best books 2019! You may be looking for an enthralling  novel this year. You may be craving exciting true tales or inspiring parenting stories. Perhaps you are interested in the origins of mankind? These four books could get you through the year, or at least through the month. Each are short enough to digest easily in a reasonable time frame, and each pack a punch.

Get ready for some terrific reading.

best books 2019
Best Books 2019



Fortune on the Spectrum
Fortune on the Spectrum

Denny was diagnosed with autism at three years of age. Autism gave him the gift of obsession. This gift made him the youngest, self-made millionaire in Texas history. Autism also made him vulnerable to the forces of the outside world, of both society and nature. Fortune on the Spectrum is the journey of an unstoppable young man, destined to succeed and challenged to survive. Denny’s story takes you through struggle, humor, love, finance and danger from the voice of an atypical mind.

snake books
You’re Gonna’ Get Bit!

From chasing frogs as a child, to milking venomous snakes for a living, Mark Ferdinand explores a lifetime of tales from the world of reptiles and amphibians. Whether it’s a quest for his first turtle, keeping crocodiles in his closet, or chasing snakes around the workplace, You’re Gonna’ Get Bit! has a story that all “herpers” and nature lovers can relate to and enjoy.

fun autism books
The Autistic Prankster: Enjoying the Fun Side of Autism

Autism Books. We know about all the challenges. These stories focus on the fun and the funny side of autism. While he may not have typical communication skills, surprisingly this can be an asset in the humor department. Funny autism-related moments are a daily occurrence with this young character, and this book is a collection of the most memorable.

Tiki Books
Tiki Books

Tiki Books! An immature account of the works of a tiki carver, and a serious account of the origins of the earth and mankind. The author indulges in his quest for creating bad-ass oceanic art that one can sip a cocktail by. This he alternates with a concise mythological blueprint of how this all came to be, and what we were given to navigate our way through it. A book for tikiphiles, mythology buffs, and wood carvers. Paperback in both Color and black & white versions.

Best authors of 2018
2018 Books Author Mark Ferdinand

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