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Me and my son finally went out to the beach for the first time in the 2015 season. The water was warm enough to swim in for him and warm enough to attract a few fish to me and my 12-foot rod setup.

We did not catch anything impressive or exotic but it was great to be out on the water again. Some fishing needs to be done before the sargassum season begins when more seaweed is caught than fish at times.

The gulf whiting were biting and at one point my son pulled in a double hookup! He was not as excited about it as I was but such can be the case with fishing and autism. I was able to put together a nice video summarizing the outing.

Giving my son with autism a haircut

My son has autism and is good at getting his own hair ready before school, unless it gets too long. He is pretty cooperative with getting his hair cut if I do it. He gets a bit tired of it toward the end of the process and the trimming part can be sketchy.

I have not tried bringing him to an actual barber shop and have no need to test that so far. We are pretty self-sufficient at our house.

Here is the video of his latest haircut…

Giving my son with autism a haircut