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Books about Tiki

Books about Tiki

Tiki carver and tiki author, Mark Ferdinand

Mark Ferdinand has written several books on a range of topics. Much of his writing has focused on the topic of autism spectrum disorder in both nonfiction and fiction. Mark also has written on herpetology in his adventure book: You’re Gonna’ Get Bit! Books about tiki, however,  are something new that Mark has recently chosen to dabble in.

Books about tiki
Books about tiki

An enduring part of Mark’s life is that of tiki carving. Mark has carved individual tikis ranging in sizes from 12 inches to ten feet. In addition, Mark has converted large support posts to tiki carvings for  commercial establishments, private residences, and home builders for their Polynesian/South Pacific decor projects. He has become quite well known in the state of Texas for being the state’s premier Polynesian carver.

Taking this experience and relaying it to readers in an entertaining way was Mark’s goal in writing the book “Every Tiki has a Spirit”. It is a fun chronicling of Mark’s experience with tiki carving and alternates to a mythological chronicling of the origins of the earth and mankind.

Mark discusses his motivations for creating his first tiki, and some of the meaning behind a few of the hundreds of tikis he has created since. He imagines a South Pacific bible of gods and goddesses that help humanity guide its way on earth.

Every Tiki has a Spirit is available in two versions: Full color and grey-scale.

Tiki Book
Grey-scale Version

Mark is the author of the adventure novel “Fortune on the Spectrum”, the herpetology stories of “You’re Gonna’ Get Bit!” and the autism stories of “The Autistic Prankster”.


Books by Mark Ferdinand






  • Bachelor on the Spectrum
    (Coming Soon!)

Beyond paperback Mark’s books can be purchased for Kindle, Android, and Apple devices.